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Welding done right.

John Vandepas


Started out on the family dairy farm. Started the business in the garage on the farm and moved off the farm and started the business full time. CWB certified welding instructor. Married to cheryll. 3 kids (2 of which work for the business) and 4 grand children.

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Cheryll Vandepas

Owner/Accounts Manager

Worked for the business since she quit working at a factory in mount forest. Does all of our account work and is most likely the one who answers the phone when you call our office. Married to John. 3 kids and 4 grand children.

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Ashley Weatherall


Has worked since graduating college. Started working in the shop and was brought into the office and starting doing in house drafting. Also assists with pricing and planning of projects. CWB certified welder.

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Scott Vandepas

Site Supervisor

Certified crane operator

Has worked for the business since graduating high school. Is our site supervisor for the last 4 years. CWB certified welder. Proud dad of twin girls.

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